Workshop Recap – Threes Physiyoga Method Intro for Physical Therapists

I’m always excited to find physical therapists incorporating yoga into their treatment, so when I found Threes Physiyoga Method, a group not just merging physical therapy principles with yoga in practice, but sharing great content and offering teacher trainings and workshops to help others do the same, I was really excited to be able to follow their content on social media!

And when I saw they were offering a two-day workshop just for physical therapists in New York I knew I had to go! The workshop description was as follows:

This introductory weekend consists of foundational knowledge regarding the teaching of yoga as a mind-body-spirit wellness modality and how this modality can be integrated into traditional physical therapy for the benefit of the patient and the clinician.  

Just what I was looking for!

…and I knew just the person that may be interested in going with me, my friend and co-worker Jen!

Danielle and Jen

It’s kind of a funny story…Jen and I first met when I was teaching a yoga class at a rehab hospital on Cape Cod and she e-mailed me saying she was a PT that was interested in yoga and was wondering if she could come and observe my class.

Well, being in PT school I was TOTALLY intimidated by having a PT come to observe me, but she came, we stayed in touch a bit afterwards, but then I ended up working for the same organization as her when I moved back to the Cape after PT school and we’ve been partnering on some local yoga offerings since! (So glad we ended up crossing paths!)

So, back to the workshop…

What exactly is Physiyoga? Well, here it is in their own words:

What is TPY


Obviously I believe in physical therapy (I mean I did just spend 5 years going back to school to become a PT!), but I also think there are things most PT practice is missing that yoga can offer like breath work and mindfulness.

The workshop was taught by 4 awesome women who are all PT’s & yoga teachers – Diana, Emily, Cara and Deborah and let’s just say I was immediately won over when we arrived and were handed a big binder with ALL the information for the weekend (I do love a good binder filled with power points!).

TPY Props

There was a good mix of participants at the workshop, all PT’s but some with no yoga experience at all, some with yoga experience, but that were not yoga teachers and some that were yoga teachers. And interestingly I was the only one who was a yoga teacher BEFORE I was a PT! (And seeing that I had JUST passed my licensure exam two weeks earlier I was most certainly the least experienced PT!)

As soon as we started the training I felt like I was amongst my people, it was so exciting and refreshing to be with a group of people who felt the same way about what I find PT to be missing and how yoga can help to fill those gaps!

The slide below using yogic principles as the framework for the biopsychosocial model we talk about in healthcare was one of my favorites, honestly, it just immediately made sense to me!


One of the really interesting things that the Threes Physiyoga team is working on and shared with us is a yoga based assessment tool for functional mobility. They’re actually in the process of doing the research to have the tool validated!

Group Picture

Over the weekend we covered everything from from pain science, the nervous system, motor learning, neuroplasticity, mindfulness and the breath and how yoga can support our physical therapy work with each of them.

BPS copy

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the work we did incorporating resistance bands into poses. I’ve followed Threes Physiyoga teacher Giulia Pline who specializes in this on Instagram for awhile and I love what she does!

Down Dog

I’ve actually started using yoga poses with resistance bands with some of my yogi patients since the workshop and I’m hoping to explore use of bands with yoga some more in the future, it’s really fun to be creative with it!

Warrior with Bands

I loved this workshop! As a new PT who is already passionate about the benefits of yoga and trying to incorporate them into my work it was exciting to be in a room full of people that felt the same way!

I’m definitely keeping an eye on future Threes Physiyoga workshops and teacher trainings and offerings from Giulia Pline, they were such a great group to learn from and I’d love to dive deeper into their assessment tool and use of resistance bands!

Thanks to Diana, Emily, Cara & Deborah for a great weekend!

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