Often times at the beginning of a yoga class the teacher will either share an intention for the class or offer for students to set their own intention for the class.

But why?

I found a wonderful article on The Power Behind Setting An Intention in Yoga which describes an intention as “bringing your attention and awareness to a quality or virtue you wish to cultivate for your practice both on and off your mat.”

When I’m teaching yoga I often try to pair my intention for the class with a poem or reading to set the tone or theme for the class and often use intentions such as “being present” and “letting go” – how can you be present now on your yoga mat and how can you bring that idea of being present into the rest of your daily living?  What can you let go of here on your yoga mat and is there anything you can let go of off your yoga mat that is not serving you in a positive way?

Let Go.jpg

I enjoy the idea of setting intentions at the beginning of a yoga class, I actually think it’s a large part (for me at least) between practicing yoga and “working out”, but I find that while I can focus on the intention during the class, I’m not quite as good at taking them “off the mat”.  Maybe because intentions often change class to class?  Maybe these intentions don’t always carry over beyond a class because I’m not focused on them once I step off my mat.  Maybe I need something more personal. More long term?

So, instead of New Year’s Resolutions (which I am terrible at sticking to anways!) I am setting a few intentions for myself to focus on both on and off my yoga mat this year.

While I do have an idea of how I’d like for each of these intentions to manifest over the next year, I won’t be sharing too much of my personal plans/ hopes for each just yet.  I’m just getting them down “on paper” as a reminder to myself and to help myself stay accountable to them, but I am hoping to start blogging here regularly and I’ll plan on sharing my thoughts on each one in a separate post soon.

2017 New Year’s Intentions

  1. Let It Go
  2. Consume Mindfully
  3. Share

Happy New Year!

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